Aerial Crane

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AIR T&G Helicopter Services offer a cost effective alternative solution to the lifting, placement and transport of all types of equipment, machinery, structures and personnel.

  • Constructing towers
  • moving camps
  • transporting building materials
  • removing timber
  • precise placement during construction
  • placement of poles
  • construction walkways
  • Concrete pouring


When time is of the essence, our precision aerial crane pilots and experienced riggers / dogman certified ground crews will ensure your job is completed safely, quickly and in most cases unassisted, minimizing your company’s staffing requirements.

  • Over 20 years industry experience
  • Qualified Riggers / dogmen
  • Fast, efficient, Hassle free
  • Excellent Safety record
  • Cost effective


Our lifting capabilities cover all terrain types and have proven to be an exceptional tool in all types of remote area operations, often operating where land based cranes and transport are ineffective.

  • Experience throughout Australia & PNG
  • Accessing remote areas


With the ability to operate from confined spaces and are able to provide an operational solution in locations where minimal environmental impact is of importance.

  • Minimal Environmental Footprint
  • Confined area operations


AIR T&G understand that each client is unique, as is each project that we undertake.  We adopt a consultative approach with all clients through each stage of an operation. This enables us to satisfy your requirements, mitigate potential risks & hazards, and provides effective communication between all involved so that a safe, efficient outcome is achieved every time.

AIR T&G Helicopters – Large or Small - Call on us for your Aerial Crane requirements.