Helicopter Flight Training

Become a Commercial or Private Helicopter Pilot! Train with a school that actually cares about your training and future.

The Helicopter flying school that you choose to provide your flight training is a particularly important decision. After all, this will usually be your first contact with the world of rotary flight.

AIR T&G will provide you with the knowledge, ability and ethics to enable you to fly a helicopter proficiently and most importantly safely.

What do you get at AIR T&G’s Helicopter Flying School?

Commercial Helicopter Licence:

If you are looking for a rewarding career within the helicopter industry that can take you all over Australia, or for that matter all over the world, then this is the licence for you.

 Private Helicopter Licence:

Not interested in flying a helicopter for a living? If you are looking to fly helicopters recreationally or you require a versatile means of transport for personal or business use, then this is the licence for you.

 Complete your pilot licence rated on two different helicopter types.

We have a variety of helicopters available. The advantage of training in two different helicopter types, is that on completion of your licence, you may be in a better position for employment. 

Commercial Helicopter Licence:

Flight Instruction from experienced pilots:

Our Chief Flying Instructor Tim Latimer has been flying helicopters commercially for over 18 years, having extensive experience in helicopter stock mustering, aerial fire fighting, gas pipeline support, search and rescue, high altitude operations in Papua New Guinea, tourism, and of course helicopter flight training, with a 100% pass mark for his students. Georgie Latimer, Tim's wife and fellow Flying Instructor has been flying for nearly 10 years with experience in mustering, tourism, film/photography and survey work. Both Tim & Georgie are passionate about producing quality pilots in the industry; in particular, they want to ensure that when you finish your training, you're ready for employment with solid foundations to make a good chopper pilot! 

Industry Contacts and Exposure to Real Commercial Operations:

Having plenty of experience working throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea, we can provide you with sound industry contacts to help secure you with your first job as a helicopter pilot. As a company that carries out a range of commercial operations other than flight training, such as charter, helicopter tours, long line operations, survey, filming/photography as well as flood and fire support, we know what other operators are looking for when it comes to entry level pilots.

During your helicopter flight training you will have the opportunity to gain exposure to our commercial operations, which will make you better prepared to enter the helicopter industry as a commercial pilot rather than a student pilot.

Chief Flying Instructor and CASA Approved testing officer Tim Latimer, has been carrying out check and training to major charter and mustering companies across Australia for the last 5 years. AIR T&G are the preferred check and training supplier for North Australian Helicopters, Fitzroy Helicopters, Albatross Helicopters and many others. With these industry contacts, you're in a great position to gain a valuable start in a highly competitive industry. 

Personalised Training environment:

So as to ensure each of our students gets the attention and personalized instruction they deserve, we only take on a limited number of students at any one time. Smaller classes and learning with our two grade one flight instructors guarantees you will receive the full attention of your instructor, gaining the most out of your learning environment. Training in a personalised environment enables you to come away with the very best training, knowledge and skill that make a competent, professional, safe and employable helicopter pilot. This has been reflected in feed back we have received from employers who have provided our graduates their first job.

Flexible Instruction hours:

This is not a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 show! At AIR T&G we are open 6 days per week including Saturdays and Sundays for your flight training, making life as a student that much easier, particularly if you are juggling work as well. Talk to us about your schedule.

Flight training available in a range of helicopters:

  • Bell 47
  • Bell 206 Longranger
  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44 
Flight training available in a range of helicopters:

We can also provide the following:

  • Low level approvals
  • Aerial stock mustering training
  • Bell 204/205 endorsements
  • Sling Endorsements
  • Night VFR ratings
  • Water bucket/bombing training
  • Accredited Helicopter Safety Courses
  • Helicopter BFR's
  • H500 Endorsements
  • H300 Endorsements
  • Basic Gas Turbine Courses
  • Remote location company check flights
  • Helicopter Pre purchase checks and management 


AIR T&G run a part time theory school offering an integrated package of theory subjects whilst you fly. If you prefer to tackle your theory subjects full time, we can recommend theory providers that run full time.

We can also provide an in house tutoring program that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and schedule.

We can run you through all of your commercial subjects and have you ready for your exams, however keep in mind that during non tutor hours, you will need to keep your head in the books!


Student Accommodation:

If you are a student and requiring accommodation whilst you carry out your flight training, this can be organized through our AIR T&G office. That way when you arrive, you know where you’re staying and are ready to begin training, hassle free.

Please note, students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the accommodation. 

Why choose this location?

Based at the growing Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, you'll have all the perks of a larger city based operation, without the expenses or delays of operating at larger controlled airports. The Northern Rivers provides the ultimate training environment; coastal, mountains, bush and city all at our doorstep.

Located on the Far North coast of New South Wales, Ballina is a cross between a village by the sea and a country town with easy going traffic, friendly locals boasting a great variety of shopping, dining and leisure activities. We are located only two hours drive to Brisbane, and less to the Gold Coast, with frequent airline services direct to Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne.

In short - we're experienced, dedicated, offer personalised training in a great location, in a range of helicopters and environments. What more could you want in a flying school?

We understand  that most new students have so many questions that need answering, and it can be quite daunting trying to take in all this new information, so to discuss your helicopter flight training options further please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can send you out our helicopter flight training information package, and you can talk to one of the flight instructors.

Why choose this location?